Welcome to the Crossfire Innovations website. The site has largely been brought about by the amount of interest shown in the various Crossfire developments I have been working on intermittently over the last 2 years. Encouraged by this interest, my own unending enthusiasm for this car, and the relative lack of interest from the tuning and aftermarket fraternity, I have decided to develop some of my ideas into actual products. Things are very much in the early stages and this is still a personal site, funded and maintained by myself in my spare time, so updates and progress maybe somewhat sporadic.

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I am still constructing the site so it is currently a bit disorganised. As things progress I will rationalise the various sections and try and pull it all together. I have just tried to add as much information as possible and index it as best I can as time allows. be adding more detail and a lot more pictures, video and information.
In the meantime please have a look around and feel free to email me with your comments via the contact page. The Gallery is probably the best place to start.
~Simon Wood.

My philosophy for developing modifications has always been to gain a full understanding of the systems on the car and how they interact, before making any changes. Whilst this approach takes more time, I believe it is the best way forward if major problems are to be avoided further down the line. I will be extensively testing everthing on my own car, both as my daily driver and trackday stead. Apart from liking things to be properly engineered, I also think you should give them a certain visual impact, which is exactly what drew me to the Crossfire in the first place.

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The Crossfire 'TrackSport'
My Ultimate aim is to develop a complete range of modifications to produce a more sporting, track-oriented version of the Crossfire, along the lines of Porsche's RS variants, which I will be designating the 'TrackSport'.

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The focus will be on weight saving, increasing power, improved braking and handling, some and subtle cosmetic additions to distinguish it from the standard car. This will be achieved through a combination of electronic tweaks, replacement parts and panels. I am also determine not to compromise the original car's refinement to the point where it can no longer be used as a daily driver; there's little joy in a 200 mile round trip with a droning exhaust and rock-hard suspension. Reliablity is also paramount. By any stretch this is a massive project, and it can only be completed after I have developed all the constituent parts. I may end up with a complete 'white elephant' but I will never know unless I try!
You can find out more in the TrackSport section where I will soon be adding concept sketches and a full specification.